Title: His & Hers
Author: Alice Feeney
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Macmillan Audio, Flatiron Books
Source: eARC, audiobook via NetGalley
Length: 308p; 10 hours, 39 min.
Publishing Date: 28 July 2020

It’s easy to tell, maybe even more-so with audiobooks, if someone is reading you a story versus telling a story. And when someone is telling you a story, it’s hard to pull yourself away. Instead, everything else melts away. In these troubled times, it’s been particularly difficult to tune out the numbers and news alerts. But two seconds into listening, His & Hers by Alice Feeney had me hooked.

I thought that maybe because of the advanced copy, there was something just a little off about the recording. But the opening narrator’s voice is distorted on purpose — and, spoiler, remains a mystery until the absolute very end.

“The lies we tell ourselves are always the most dangerous. I think it’s instinct; self-preservation is a fundamental part of our DNA. We are a species of liars, and sometimes we deliberately connect the dots in the wrong order, and pretend to make sense of what we see.”

Alice Feeney, His & Hers

Anna Andrews is the lunchtime news presenter for the BBC. Or, was, until the woman she was filling in for returns from maternity leave. Desperate to maintain relevant in a cut-throat world, Anna heads back to her hometown to cover a murder. Jack is a detective inspector who has never covered a murder before. Or, that’s what they want us to think.

Told from Anna and Jack’s point of view, with the anonymous killer’s thoughts sprinkled throughout, His & Hers by Alice Feeney is an exercise in instinct. Are you sure you can trust yours? What about being able to trust your sibling? Parent? Best friend? Husband?

Everyone wants to tell their story in the way that presents them in the best light. They want to justify every action they’ve made and, in the case of this book especially, need to know someone understands. What they’re doing is out of self preservation, to save someone else, to make right wrongs, to get revenge. And, after they tell you their motives, can you blame them?

But what echoes through the end of His & Hers isn’t even as clear cut as deciding what happened was justified. You have to decide for yourself if you’re finally hearing the truth.

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