Title: Between the Lies
Author: Michelle Adams
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: St. Martin’s
Source: eARC via NetGalley
Length: 336 p
Publishing Date05 March 2019

I want to help you, my father tells me. He wants me to remember. But it’s only ever on his terms.

Chloe wakes up in the hospital not knowing anything about her life besides what her family tells her: she was in a car accident and she’s been asleep for a month. Her father, a renowned psychiatrist, has taken control of her mental health care and is supposed to be helping her remember what her life was life before the accident. As she starts having what feel like nightmares every night, her father urges her to ignore them. After all, they’re just nightmares. But the real nightmare is this carefully constructed world her father has built for her. Slowly, Chloe begins to piece together her real life and uncover the truth about what really happened the night of her accident. That’s when the real fight for her life—the life she had before, the chance at a new life she wants—begins.

The old Chloe is gone, and I’m afraid I might never get her back. I’m more afraid that my family don’t want me to.

Between the Lies is a layered psychological thriller. Told in the 1st person, we struggle along with Chloe, trying to understand what’s real and what isn’t. Who can be trusted and who can’t be. Thrown into a life with people claiming to be her family, but who lock her into what she’s told is her childhood home, Chloe is forced to go along with what she’s being told. And what’s she’s told is that these nightmares and dreams she believes are memories of the life she had before her accident aren’t real. So who is she supposed to trust: her family, who should have her best interests at heart? Or herself?

I used to think there was a clear distinction between life and death: either you were here or you weren’t. Now I know that you can be alive and still feel completely detached from the world.

A study in coercive control, Between the Lies is a gripping thriller with twists that, while those well-read in psychological thrillers may see coming, is still a book I became completely engrossed in.

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