Title: The Winter Sister
Author: Megan Collins
Genre: Domestic Thriller
Publisher: Touchstone
Source: eARC via NetGalley
Length: 336p
Publishing Date05 February 2019

“I’d like to believe I was trying to protect Persephone’s secret–our secret–but the truth, I know, is that I was trying to protet myself.”

Sixteen years ago, Persephone O’Leary never came home. Now Sylvie must return to her hometown, stay in the room she shared with her sister, to help her mother. But Persphone’s presence lingers on the streets of the quiet Connecticut village, in the empty bedroom Sylvie moves back into, and in the fact that her disappearance, and murder, remains unsolved.

Sylvie has her suspicions: Persephone was last seen with her boyfriend, who happens to be the mayor’s son. She’d bet anything and everything that it was the same boy who left bruises on her sister that was capable of murdering her. But because he’s the mayor’s son, he’s just going to get away with it–and Sylvie can’t live with that. So she goes digging into a past that no one wants uncovered, not even her own mother.

“He wouldn’t be able to get away with what he’d done to Persephone. He wouldn’t be able to hurt some other girl and call it love.”

As Sylvie talks to more people connected to her sister’s case, she starts piecing together a story of what really happened the night her sister disappeared. But what Sylvie doesn’t know is that this is a truth someone would kill to keep hidden. With enemies turning into friends, and family turning into strangers, Sylvie doesn’t know who to trust or what to believe. She just knows, in her gut, that she’s close to finally figuring out what happened to her sister and she’s willing to do anything for it, including put herself in harm’s way.

It’s hard to peg The Winter Sister into one category. It has elements of old money versus no money, an examination of the bonds of sisterhood and of mothers and daughters in a refreshing light, a strong mystery, and a struggle to understand what love really means. Not only was the storytelling itself beautiful and haunting, but Collins served up new twists with every chapter that has you needing to read more. The Winter Sister, simply, was un-put-downable.

Yet another must-read for 2019.

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