Title: Hurricane Season
Author: Lauren K. Denton
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Source: eARC via NetGalley
Length: 352 pages
Available: 3 April 2018

54B9A309-4355-4A76-93E6-8756976D0D9DThe relationship between sister is a complicated one. For many siblings, their sister is their exact opposite: literal night and day differences. At least this is true for me and my sister: she’s fair skinned, light haired, freckled, and social. I, olive skinned and dark haired and dark eyed, hide away from large groups whenever possible. The relationship between the sisters in Lauren K. Denton’s Hurricane Season is a familiar one, but with layers of complications that breathes originality into this tense tale.

Betsy is married, living with Ty on the dairy farm he inherited from his grandfather. What she’s wanted more than anything is to have children of her own but has been unable to conceive. Jenna wanted to be a photographer, but works full time at a coffee shop to support herself and her two young daughters. Their lives, from the way they view their childhoods to the way they live their present day, could not be more different.

But when Jenna is accepted into a fully-funded artist workshop, she knows she can turn to her sister to watch her two daughters. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, but an opportunity that does not come without guilt for Jenna—and frustration for Betsy and Ty.

“Then guilt, like a heavy tide of truth, washed over her, soaking her spirit and her soul. It didn’t tell her anything original. It just confirmed what she already knew: she’d make a terrible mother.”

Like a cyclone, the sisters circle each other, holding back truths to try and keep the peace during a time when everything is so up in the air. After all, Jenna isn’t sure when exactly she’s coming back to pick up her girls. And Betsy isn’t sure how long her marriage can survive having two young children in the house.

“All that time, we thought we really could just go and do and be and things would fall into place, but it doesn’t always happen that way.”

Written in a quiet, thought-provoking manner, Hurricane Season is a perfect summer read. Not only were their moments of suspense, but there were also scenes that left me questioning my own motivations for what I do. Am I following my heart because of selfish reasons, or because I know that this is what’s best for me and my family?

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