Title: Little Broken Things
Author: Nicole Baart
Genre: Women’s Fiction 
Publisher: Atria
Source: eARC via NetGalley
Length: 368 pages
Available: 21 November 2017
Available Now

littlebrokenthingsKey Lake, Minnesota, is as small town as small town gets. Everyone knows everybody else, and as much as teens promise they’ll leave and never come back, they always do. At least Quinn Cruz, formerly Sanford, does. What she was expecting was a return to a comfortable life she knew. But that’s not what she gets.

“Nora’s abandonment was a swath of scorched earth, black across the landscape of Quinn’s past. A tendril of smoke whispered from the ashes.”
Location 554

When her estranged sister Nora shows up at her door with a little girl named Lucy, Quinn’s peaceful life gets thrown into chaos. Nora makes Quinn promise to keep Lucy a secret from everyone–including their mother, who lives directly across the lake from Quinn’s cottage.

One look at Lucy tells Quinn everything she needs to know about whose daughter she is. What Quinn can’t figure out is why Nora needs Quinn to hide her here, in Key Lake. But as the truth slowly starts to reveal itself, the Sanford women are forced to face the truth about who Lucy’s parents really are.

“She knew their lives were far from perfect, that things skimmed beneath the surface of their shiny facade. Shadowy things that hinted of discontent, of darkness that she could only begin to imagine. Weren’t they all a knife blade away from madness? From obsession?”
Location 1294

Told from multiple points of view, Little Broken Things touches on the bond between sisters and between mother and daughter, and overcoming grief, wrapped up in elements of a domestic thriller. For fans of Big Little Lies, Baart has written is the perfect novel to spend an afternoon getting lost in.

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