Title: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo 
Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Genre: Women’s Fiction 
Publisher: Atria Books
Length: 400 pages
Available: 13 June 2017
Available Now

9781501139239Monique Grant has had some success as a freelance writer and has finally landed a full-time writing job at a magazine. It just happens to be the same magazine where old Hollywood movie star, Evelyn Hugo, has chosen to finally give an interview after years of silence. Much to Monique’s boss’s dismay, it’s Monique that Evelyn Hugo picks to give her interview to even after the magazine offers more seasoned writers.

Beyond feeling completely unqualified for this type of job, Monique’s personal life is falling apart: her husband left her and moved across the country. Alone in New York, Monique needs this interview to go well. She needs something to go well.

But what Evelyn has in mind isn’t just an interview: she wants Monique to write a biography and is willing to tell Monique everything–including details about her (in)famous seven marriages. But Monique can only publish it after Evelyn dies.

“I want them to know the real story. The real me.”

“All right. Show me the real you, then. And I’ll make sure the world understands.”

Starting when she first came to Hollywood, Evelyn shares everything with Monique from friendships to a secret, forbidden love. On their final day together, Evelyn shares her biggest secret of all. A secret that rips Monique’s world, which is finally starting to come back together, apart.

Not your typical beach read, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a perfect balance of Hollywood gossip, love, advice, and hard-learned life lessons shared with characters that leap off the pages.

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