We made it, you guys.

We can all agree that last year was harder than most. Whether it’s because we were so aware, so in sync, with everything that happened or it was really just that awful, the general consensuses on Twitter is that 2017 is a welcomed breath of fresh air. There hasn’t been as much talk about resolutions this year, at least not from the people I follow. We’re just happy that we made it through.

Last year I made resolutions to take better care of myself, to write more, and to minimalize my life as much as possible. Because of my fall, I was forced to take better care of myself. I published a book but didn’t necessarily write more (though I did read a lot). And minimalization is still a goal I’m striving for. So this year I didn’t make real resolutions. When the clock hit midnight, it didn’t feel like a reset button, but more like an offer of a second chance. I’m going to make up for what I didn’t do, or couldn’t do last year.

Yoga. More Meditation. Minimize. And write.

I’ve seen a lot of 100-day challenges going around, mostly fitness and health related. That’s great if you’re using this time, this second chance, to recalibrate your diet and get in better physical shape. I know I neglected both of those things last year (and have the extra weight to prove it). But I didn’t want to embrace something I try and do every year. I didn’t want to set myself up to go to the gym so many days a week, not when I’m still hit and miss when it comes to how much physical activity I can stand (thanks, Post Concussion Syndrome!). So I’m going to focus on writing.

I’m challenging myself to write 80,000 words in 100 days. 

I’m challenging myself to publish my next book in September.

This means I have to set time aside every day to write or do research. This means I need to get on a schedule with critique partners. Most importantly, I need to not feel guilty about making time to focus on my own writing career. The biggest challenge of being a freelance editor is feeling guilty when I cut time out of my day to work on my projects instead of constantly editing. But like I said earlier in 2016, being a writer is what I’ve always wanted to do. I love editing and seeing my clients achieve their dreams as much as I love coffee. Focusing on my own projects is like slipping into the perfect bath with candles burning and my favorite bath bomb fizzing away. Writing, to me, is coming home.

Fellow writers, I challenge you to do the same this year. Join me in my 100-day challenge and find your voice, finish a project, or start a new one.

What will you be working on?


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